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“What you cannot see,

can hurt or kill you!”


Please join us for a day of

Aerial and Underground Utility Discoveries


Acquiring Right-of-Way (ROW) for utility purposes is the second driving force in acquiring real property for transportation projects.  In most projects, the roadway is the defining factor.


Code of Federal Regulations Title 23 Part 645 Subpart B and the laws and/or regulations of most states require some sort of Utility Accommodation within the roadway Right-of-Way.  This is especially true when the road is being improved in any way.


For the property owner, it is often confusing as to why a portion of “their” land is to be acquired since it is not part of the roadway system.  However, this land is important to accommodate the existing utilities along the current roadway, which must be relocated – somewhere. 


Our focus is to bring attention to the questions the property owner may ask when they realize the property being acquired is for a utility that is unseen.  Providing this information will help you answer some of these questions and will be in the forefront of every presentation on Thursday, April 17, 2024.


This very busy day in Wilmington, Delaware will help our ROW professionals explain to the property owner the how’s and why’s of utility relocations.   This will include safety demonstrations on what happens if vegetation grows into the overhead power lines or what happens if they dig up a gas pipe line.  State specific information will be provided on underground utility safety that should be passed on the property owner.


We will also be telling the true story of how a roadway construction project will impact the front of the owner’s property.  

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