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Get the IRWA Advantage!

The value of IRWA membership is experienced through being current, credentialed and connected. The IRWA’s members are:

  • Current, on the changing trends in right of way through our annual Federal Agency Update, International Education Conference, Right of Way magazine and the Right of Way Professional Career Path.

  • Credentialed, as a specialist in one of six right of way disciplines including our highest designation, the SR/WA or Senior Right of Way Professional, increasing their value to employers, clients and the profession.

  • Connected, at the local, regional and international levels with access to a network of industry experts and right of way professionals.

The IRWA Right of Way Professional Career Path


Start on the path to a higher level of professionalism. Whether you are new to the right of way profession or a seasoned veteran, the IRWA Right of Way Career Path will enhance your skills and acknowledge your commitment to the profession to employers, clients and yourself.

  • Right of Way Agent (RWA)

  • Associate Right of Way Professional (ARWP)

  • Right of Way Professional (RWP)

  • Senior Right of Way Professional (SR/WA)

The IRWA Professional Career Path has been developed with a curriculum that ensures a clear understanding of the highest levels of right of way principles and ethical standards.

Each tier in the generalist certification path has unique course work that is not repeated as a person progresses to the next level of certification towards the SR/WA designation.

Click here for the Right of Way Professional Career Path requirements and curriculum.

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